Formula For Hope

From conception to adulthood, every life is precious in the sight of God. Fill a Baby Bottle with spare change in support of Pregnancy Support Services of Hamilton. As you might remember from last year, Pregnancy... Read More


Pastor's Letter: Apr. 25 2017

I want to express my gratitude to our music leaders and the music/audio team.  Easter weekend is the high-point of Christian celebration and we have had thoughtful, well-led, and fruitful times of singing in the... Read More


Fellowship Recognition

Welcome to the Fellowship On Monday at the FEB Regional Conference, Lightway was officially welcomed into the Fellowship of Evangelical Baptist Churches of Canada.  We've been a "Church Plant" in the Fellowship... Read More


Pastor's Letter: Mar .26, 2017

"You will always have the poor among you, but you will not always have me.” Jesus in John 12:8 For all this verse tells us about the poor we can miss the main point Jesus wishes his disciples to catch in the... Read More


Members: Read This Book!

"A functional church member is characterized by love, generosity, and service." What does it mean to be a member of our church? I challenged our members last Sunday to pick up and read a copy of Thom. S. Rainer's "I... Read More


Pastor's Letter: Feb.1, 2017

It gave me great joy to take part in our 10th annual Members Business Meeting on Sunday.  Joel, who served as our chair for the meeting, began with a note of praise over God's faithfulness and provision through ten... Read More


English Corner: Starting Again this Month!

We were glad to open the doors on English Corner again this month.  We had three students join us for an english lesson and conversation based on Jesus' parable of the Good Samaritan. Read More


Chances Are... you'd like help talking about Christian faith

Conversation Starters You Can Use Facebook them... attach them to an email... put the link on Christmas Cards for neighbours... Over the past two months, over 80,000 people nationwide have engaged in online... Read More


Pastor's Letter: Nov. 30, 2016

 Hi Lightway, Before we start packing gift bags for Lake Ave Students on December 11th after the Sunday service, we'll be gathering together for a brief members' update.  On behalf of the elders, I'm going to... Read More


Advent Begins This Sunday: Nov.27th

Let the Wreath Lighting Begin! Celebrating Jesus' first coming; Awaiting His Second For the past few years at Lightway we've come into the Christmas season by observing Advent on our church calendar.  Each Sunday,... Read More