Pastor's Letter: Nov. 30, 2016

 Hi Lightway, Before we start packing gift bags for Lake Ave Students on December 11th after the Sunday service, we'll be gathering together for a brief members' update.  On behalf of the elders, I'm going to... Read More


Advent Begins This Sunday: Nov.27th

Let the Wreath Lighting Begin! Celebrating Jesus' first coming; Awaiting His Second For the past few years at Lightway we've come into the Christmas season by observing Advent on our church calendar.  Each Sunday,... Read More


Fellowship National Conference

YOU ARE PART OF A STORY AND A HISTORY. YOU ARE PART OF A MOVEMENT OF CHURCHES; A FAMILY; THE FELLOWSHIP FAMILY. I spent Tuesday with 500 representatives from our denomination, The Fellowship of Evangelical Baptist... Read More


Pastor's Letter: Nov. 3, 2016

Hi Lightway And Friends -  When our church family first began meeting on Sundays in 2007 we could have fit in a living room.  Our gatherings felt like a family visit and our size certainly afforded us some... Read More