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New Members Share Why they Joined

This Sunday we celebrated the addition of four new members to Lightway Church.  We got to hear stories from two of them of what God has done in their lives and how he led them to join our church family.  Here's some... Read More

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The Gospel Coalition Canada National Conference 2018

The Gospel Coalition Canada National Conference 2018 In 2016 a number of pastors gathered in Ottawa. They observed a theological drift in our nation and wanted to lift up the Gospel of Jesus Christ as the centre... Read More


Lightway Day Out

Lightway Day Out Saturday September 8th, 10 AM - 3 PM Binbrook Conservation Area Games, Singing, Prayer, and BBQ Lunch More info to come! Read More

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The Blessings Box

The Blessings Box What is it?... It is a small standing container that is filled with useful goods for those in need, placed in a highly visible area for easy access, just outside Lightway house.  Inside, it is... Read More


The NAME of our GOD...

Hello Lightway Family! Have you given time to think about who our God, our Father really is?  Take out some time and watch the attached video and maybe this will help you answer the question, who is our God? Have a... Read More