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This week Hundreds of delegates arrived in Niagara Falls, ON for Fellowship National Conference 2019 (FNC2019).
We gathered to hear from the Lord during our praise times and time in the Word. We came to hear reports of God’s work and be further informed through valuable workshops, many sharing the common theme of this year’s conference: Soul Care.

We addressed the theme of the spiritual care of our lives; to look in our hearts and discover if we have lost our “first love.” Our special speaker, Rev. Sandy Willson, delved into this theme in three messages over our 48 hours together.

They were:

  • Tuesday morning:
    “Amidst Pastoral Turmoil, A Soul at Rest” – Matthew 11:25-30

    There are many attacks upon the souls of pastors and their wives. How do we find our own peace and joy amidst the chaos? Jesus has an answer for us.

  • Tuesday evening:

“Amidst Worldly Passions, A Soul on Fire” – Matthew 22:34-40

While temptations swirl around the pastor and his family, Jesus calls us to a full, undivided service to Him alone.

  • Wednesday morning:

“Amidst Death and Destruction, A Soul that Endures” – Matthew 16:21-28
Will we make it to the end? How? Jesus teaches His disciples how to minister for the long haul.

Please pray for our delegates and staff as we reflect on the lessons learned from our gathering together.