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I whole-heartedly recommend the following e-devotional by Paul Miller to you for this season of reflection on the death and resurrection of Jesus.  Those of you who joined me in the Praying Life Course last year or the Prayer Course this winter will recall my personal gratefulness to Paul Miller's book A Praying Life.  I participated in this devotional last Spring and was blessed by it's guidance in scripture and prayer.

You can click here to sign up.

From the Publisher:

"This coming Sunday is Palm Sunday, the beginning of what is known as Holy Week or Passion Week. It is a week when we remember Jesus’ final steps to the cross. I don’t know about you, but for many years, I disliked it. Holy Week was heavy and dark. It was one bad thing after another. I wanted to look away, to fast-forward to Easter Sunday.
But when God turned up the heat on my life, and I began to immerse myself in the gritty details of Jesus’ story, I was riveted by his beauty under incredible pressure— his compassion, his honesty, his oneness with the Father, his focus on others. I no longer wanted to look away from the person of Jesus; I wanted to see him more clearly.
I’m inviting you to join me next week in looking closely at Jesus. This year, we're once again offering a free Passion Week devotional to help people see Jesus—full of purpose, dedication, and—yes—passion. Together we will slow down and watch how he lived as a human, because seeing Jesus is inseparable from learning how to love."

- Paul Miller