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  • You know that Jesus made prayer a top priority, so ...

  • It really should be a priority for us as Christians too, but ...

  • It can be difficult, confusing and even boring, so ...

  • ‘Help!’

The Prayer Course is a simple, practical introduction to a vast and exciting subject. The
six sessions cover the simplest foundations of prayer. It’s not pitched at seasoned prayer warriors, for whom there are endless specialist books and conferences already, but rather at the vast majority of ordinary Christians who simply want to get better at talking to God and hearing his voice.

The basics covered by The Prayer Course are:

  1. Purpose in Prayer: Adoration

  2. Power in Prayer: Petition

  3. Prevailing in Prayer: Intercession

  4. Perseverance in Prayer: Dealing with Disappointments

  5. Perspective in Prayer: Learning to Listen

  6. Partnership in Prayer: Spiritual Warfare

 When Vineyard churches in the UK ran the course, they promoted it with the video you see here: watch it to learn more.