Tips for Better Listening of God's Word

How do you listen to sermons? Like watching TV or expecting God to speak? On Sunday we talked about God's word and obedience from James 1:19-27.  These verses outline some powerful motivation to worship and obey when we listen to biblical sermons. Below are 20 more ideas from David Murray to help us hear, worship,... Read More


Help for Temptation

"Each temptation contains a lie, which, if believed, weakens our spiritual health and leads us down a destructive path, away from what God intends.  Yet each temptation can also be an opportunity to step further into Christ's life-giving victory, launching us deeper into our true identity as the beloved of God"... Read More


A prayer for when life's difficult

James 1:12 tells us that God blesses the one who perseveres with faith through difficult circumstances.  Here's a prayer for that battle: "Lord God, creator and redeemer, claim my life and ministry for your high and holy purpose.  Help me to remain faithful and steadfast all day long, and when evening comes grant... Read More