What Does the Future Hold?

Maybe Its Time for an End-Times Tune-Up? What does the Bible say about the end? Reading Daniel 7-12 can leave you in a knot if you aren't willing to understand two things: 1) Jewish history between 500 BC - 70 AD (not the details, but the general sweep of empires and leaders and how the temple in Jerusalem... Read More


Was the Bible Really Written A Long Time Ago?

"Handwriting analysis helped Israeli researchers find evidence that biblical texts were written in 600 BC" Daniel Estrin reports in The National Post Studying Daniel 8 for a recent sermon raised the question of biblical authority: does God speak supernaturally to us in his word?  One item in question is the date... Read More


"Two Concerns for the Religious Right under President Trump"

"I don’t know where we go from here, because this election has opened up a wound that will not be easily healed." Donald Trump's election last night was a surprise for many Canadian spectators.  It certainly wasn't how I imagined things playing out.  It is wise not to assume too many parallels between Canadian and... Read More


Faith @ Your Work

When Do You Go Public About Your Faith at Work? Short answer: as soon as possible!  As a Christian, your main identity is wrapped up in Jesus and being one of "his people."  As you introduce yourself and people get to know you, the real you, it ought to be obvious that you are a person of faith: "I'm really... Read More


After the Forum

Below you'll find all the resources we mentioned at this Fall's forum on Homosexuality and the Bible plus some recommended resources from introductionary to advanced. Read More


Notes from the Forum Part One: Homosexuality and The Bible

Here is the content from our Lightway Forum on October 16th about the Bible and Homosexuality.  You can download the notes and watch the RZIM video. Read More


The Idol Behind Same Sex Desires

In this post from, Sam Allberry shares some interesting thoughts about same-sex desires: "I don’t speak as an outsider when I say same-sex attraction is often tightly bound up with idolatry. Contrary to heterosexual desires (a desire for what we are not, and cannot become), same-sex desires are... Read More

Bored with the bible

Bored of the Bible?

Maybe you've forgotten this essential question. When author J.I. Packer describes the three friends of Daniel 3 who face off against King Nebuchadnezzar and the fiery furnace, he says: "Those who know God show great boldness for God." Conversely, if you're showing great boredom for God its probably knowing him... Read More


The Real Story

Cultural observers have noticed that our society pretty much has one hero story left.  You've probably sub-counsciously heard it a thousand times as its re-run in movies, TV, and children's books.  Its probably best summed up in the words of Elsa from Disney's Frozen: "It’s time to see what I can do, to test the... Read More


"The Further You Go, the Better it Gets"

The Benefits of Walking With God In Daniel 1, we're told a story of God's gracious care in Daniel's life.  V.21 let's us in on the fact that God's preserving grace would continue for 70 years - the whole time of his captivity in Babylon.  In a day and age when Christian faith is less and less understood, its good... Read More