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John 18:36 and Democracy

"One wishes that those who stirred up the Crusades had meditated a little longer on this text." Why don't Christians force their religion on others?  Why don't we succeed with a great deal of military drive, human armies, or warrior-saints?   One answer to this is what Jesus says in John 18:36 in answer to Pilate... Read More


Me and Disciple-Making

Learning to make disciples Hi Lightway, Next Sunday, Feb.26th, I'll be asking for your help during my message.  I'd like us to take some time to fill out a disciple-making card (pictured) that asks us: what we've learned, what's challenging, what's good, and what we can do to grow.  Try and open up about your... Read More


Gospel Challenge Three: Can You Rehearse This?

Opening Up As we learn more from Jesus about what it means to be a disciple-making disciple (see Luke 5, 8, and 10), we've been challenging each other to open up about the gospel to more and more people.  This week's challenge is to listen to this gospel message and repeat it back to someone in your own words. Can... Read More


If God is in Control of hearts... why Evangelize at all?

At Lightway on Sundays we've been talking about our mission as disciple-makers.  But in passages like Luke 10:2 that talk about both: 1) the urgency of our responsibility to get the word out so that people repent and believe, 2) God's sovereignty to recruit, send out evangelists, and save people - how do we make... Read More


Gospel Challenge 2: Four Categories

Challenge yourself again this week to express and share something of the gospel with a friend, neighbour, child or spouse.  Get used to opening up your faith and telling people what Jesus means to you. This week: listen to Thabiti Anyabwile explain the gospel in 3 minutes and try and remember his four categories.... Read More


Challenge: Can you Rehearse the Gospel?

Challenge yourself this week to explain Christianity's good news to someone else.  Think of someone close to you with whom you could practice.  Or someone for whom this would help them see Christianity differently. Watch the video, then plan to give it a go! Read More


Herod: Paranoid Schizophrenic or Jerk?

On Sunday we compared the leadership of Herod and Jesus from Matthew 2:1-18.  Getting inside Herod's head certainly helps us appreciate the newborn king even more... This is from Dr. Gafni recounted a seminar that was held at Hebrew University a few years before. Attending it were... Read More


Great Things: Mary's Song

Here's a Matt Maher song called "Great Things."  Its inspired by Mary's song from Luke 1:46-56 during the events leading up to the birth of Jesus.  Why not add it to your Christmas playlist? Read More


Where is the Battleground Today?

Based on the information about angelic battles and spiritual warfare in Daniel 10, I asked our congregation a couple of Sundays ago to imagine where the toughest battlegrounds are today.  Where have they seen God work and move cultural mountains?  Where are they still seeking change in prayer? The answers are on... Read More


Steve Saint shares a story about angels

Steve Saint is the son of Nate Saint, who was an evangelical Christian missionary pilot to Ecuador who, along with four others, was killed while attempting to evangelize the Huaorani people through efforts known as Operation Auca.  It was one of the most powerful Christian news stories of the 1950's. In this 3 min... Read More