You Should Know What Happened at TWU This Week

Trinity Western University has lost its legal battle to have graduates of its proposed law school accredited by law societies in Ontario and B.C. The reason?  Courts feel biblical convictions about sexuality are harmful to Canadians. Here's a post from Peter Stockland at Cardus: In two separate decisions released... Read More


Gospel Coalition Conference

If you're looking for a Christ-exalting, spirit-enriching, faith-equipping conference to attend this year that's also local and affordable... look no further than The Gospel Coalition Canada's National Conference in October. Excellent instruction, exposition, and times of singing.  I'll be checking out the... Read More


The Impact of Compassion: Tim Keller

Last Sunday at Lightway we launched our Debt Relief Ministry in partnership with Christians Against Poverty.  To help us see the big picture of compassion ministry we looked at Jesus' meeting with a funeral parade in Luke 7:11-17.  There, the crowds learned that through Jesus God was coming to the aid of the... Read More

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Sermon note-taking does actually work

At Lightway we typically have a half-sheet of paper available for everyone to jot down notes during the sermon.  Why do we do this?  Its a great way to retain God's word for yourself. The wonderful folks at Matthias Media posted this recently: Sermon note-taking does actually work Rachel Macdonald / 11 April... Read More


Should I Be a Church Member?

Who We Are and How You Fit In a couple of weeks we'll be hosting our two Membership Matters classes here at Lightway.  These are great classes to attend if you're curious about what our church believes and how we strive to live it out together.  The purpose of the class is to encourage Christians in our... Read More


7 Answers to Old Testament War

Recently at Lightway we covered a chapter in the Bible that describes Old Testament war in the land of Canaan (Deut. 20).  This war was conducted by ancient Israel under command of God.  Passages like this trouble many people: how could God send his people out to kill and destroy others? Here's an article from... Read More


What to think about competing interpretations of scripture

Clarity of Scripture Can you know what the Bible says when there are so many different interpretations? Deuteronomy 17:18-20 talks about the value of scripture.  But you might struggle to believe that scripture is valuable when there are so many different interpretations of it.  If the "experts" can't agree...... Read More


The day Martin Luther King spoke at a Billy Graham Crusade

"For he himself is our peace, who has made the two groups one and has destroyed the barrier, the dividing wall of hostility" - Eph. 2:14 On our recent men's retreat we began our celebration of the Lord's Table by looking at a few verses from Ephesians 2.  One of the things this chapter does for us is teach us... Read More


A Letter to a Friend in Trouble

Here is a lightly revised letter from John Newton (1725-1807), “A Letter to a Friend in Trouble” (Works of John Newton 6:377-80). We don’t have the originating letter, but it was from a correspondent who was friends with a woman struggling with extended periods of depression. This friend wrote to Newton to ask if... Read More

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How to Talk to Strangers

Church relationships ought to be growing deep and wide.  Loving people with increasing transparency and loving people different than you.  Here's a helpful article from the folks at Matthias Media about that second one: loving broadly. How to talk to strangers Karen Beilharz / 18 December 2017 It’s Sunday... Read More