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What Should I Pray?

Sometimes we struggle to find the words for our prayers when thinking of loved ones far from Christ.  Well, here's a helpful example you can use from Simone Richardson:

Dear Father.

I know you to be a lover of the prodigal and a welcomer to the lost. 

      I know that your desire is that all people be saved that none perish. 

You showed me kindness when I was blind to your goodness. 

      You opened my eyes so that I could see your glorious righteousness. 

      You convicted me of my sin, then comforted my heart with the grace of the gospel.

Today I ask you to do the same work in the life of _________. 

      Open her ears that she may hear your word, 

      open her eyes that she may see your glory, 

      warm her heart with the forgiveness of sins 

       and cause her to trust in Jesus, 

so that she will know with me the joy of serving you and the hope of life eternal.