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In order to sustain this hope giving ministry, we have decided to initiate a fundraising campaign for the month of May.  During this month we want all Lightwayers to get involved!  The Debt Centre is our ministry, and so it will take all of our effort to raise enough funds to continue this work.

What we need from you:

Share the campaign information on your social media, tell your family and friends about the fundraiser and encourage them to give money towards this good work.

Click here to find the campaign on Facebook and share it with your friends.

Below is a short letter you can use to ask for support in an email or on social media.


Good Morning,

I belong to a fantastic church called Lightway.  As a group of believers we exist to Connect our Community to Life in Jesus Christ!  It just so happens that our community struggles with poverty in a big way - over one third of Riverdale’s population (35%) is living in poverty!

As a group of Christians meeting in a school every week, we decided that instead of raising money for a building we would raise money to practically help our community. In 2018 we partnered with CAP Canada to help our neighbours struggling with debt and poverty.

We need your help! For the month of May we are hoping to raise money so that we can continue this life saving work in Hamilton.  Please consider supporting our church as we tackle debt and poverty in Hamilton. Click here to donate today.  (All donations will receive a tax receipt from

Thank you