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A few Sundays ago our Little Lights leaders were encouraged to think of the children in our church not as "buckets" but as "pipes."

Sounds strange, I know.

But here's what that idea is getting at.  We mustn't think of our children as buckets: just empty containers that we must fill with Bible knowledge and good morals.  We must think of our children as pipes: hoping that the message of scripture will "flow" through them into lives of joyful worship to God and loving service to others.

"Pipes" are those who get the gospel of Jesus.  Its transforming news because, once believed, connects you to Jesus Christ in a new spiritual relationship that grows and grows and grows... right into eternity.

Here's a short video from our friends at The Gospel Project that draws this distinction: the Bible isn' t only meant to inspired good behaviour, its meant to reveal how to be "in Christ."